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About us

The business

Flexrent AB is a full-service company that, together with our partners, offers various cost-effective and tailored solutions, according to the customer's wishes.

Our work is based on the customer's needs and assists in streamlining the work, with short lead times and personal service. Flexrent has a long and broad experience of large projects in construction, industry, and the public sector.

Our customers are mainly at large industries.

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The company was founded in 2012 and has since the start delivered tailor-made projects to industry and the public sector. The company is based in Luleå but operates throughout Sweden.

Flexrent has qualified competencies with long and solid experience of project management for large and complex projects in land, construction, leasing and logistics solutions.

Flexrent's key words are that, with a great commitment, know-how and solution-oriented ability, design and deliver projects within the right time, at the right quality and at the right cost.

The projects are conducted with a strong focus on collaboration with the company's customers.

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Our keywords

  • Cost effective
  • Experience
  • Flexible
  • Quality
  • Committed
  • Innovative
  • Satisfied customers

Here you can also read about how we work with quality & environment at Flexrent.

Management system

Flexrent works according to a proprietary management system consisting of:

  • Business management system
  • Work environment plan
  • Policies & Goals
  • Project plan and contract-specific routines

For us, this means more than "a stack of nice documents". We use it to a great extent as an operational tool for the business.

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