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About us

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Flexrent AB is Sweden's only full-service supplier of products and associated services for industries. Whether you are establishing a completely new industry or need support in an ongoing project, we can help you with everything from staff accommodation, vehicles, machines, tools, specially adapted building solutions and service in the form of food, laundry and cleaning. We also offer staff who take care of the logistics.

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Flexrent AB was founded in Luleå in 2012 by a group of people with long and solid experience in project management in land, construction, leasing and logistics solutions. Since the start, we have been driven by delivering projects at the right time, at the right quality and at the right cost. We are based in Luleå but work with tailor-made total solutions for industry and the public sector throughout Sweden. .

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Our keywords

  • Cost effective
  • Experience
  • Flexible
  • Quality
  • Committed
  • Innovative
  • Satisfied customers

Here you can also read about how we work with quality & environment at Flexrent.

Management system

Flexrent works according to a proprietary management system consisting of:

  • Business management system
  • Work environment plan
  • Policies and goals
  • Project plan and contract-specific procedures

Our systems, plans and policies are important operational tools that we use daily in our business. We review them regularly to ensure that they are not forgotten shelf warmers.

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