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Sahlins Cable Feeder 5050

Cable feeder 5050 pushes the cable forward in the shaft and thereby limits the stresses on the cable, while reducing the need for traction in the winch.



  • The frame consists of two stable sheet metal sides with sockets for 4 fixation skewers in the bottom plate. The feeder is conveniently placed before a sharp turn or level difference in the shaft. The drive mat is a steel chain with vulcanized rubber plates and is stored with maintenance-free ball bearings. The cable is pressed against the mat by spring-loaded nylon pressure rollers that are easily adjusted to fit cables with a diameter of up to 110 mm. The rollers also have a light coning, which means that it can also handle "triangle-shaped" cable. Ball-bearing vertical support rollers are located on the input and output sides of the feeder, which are easily adjusted laterally with quick-locking knobs.

  • Powered by Sahlins electric motor with worm gear that has forward & reverse mode.


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