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Road grader V16ATV

Electric raise and lower road grader for ATV




  • Interchangeable steel blades
  • Raised and lowerable wheels
  • Adjustable drawbar
  • Space for extra weight for higher ground pressure
  • Adjustment via buttons that are placed on the handlebars of the ATV
  • 50 mm ball coupling
  • WORKING WIDTH: 1600 mm
  • WHEEL: 16x6.5-8
  • WEIGHT: 194 kg
  • Stable construction road grader V16ATV with drawbar for your ATV. With a working width of 160 cm, the road grader is suitable for leveling your driveways and gravel roads. If you work with parks and streets, this road grader is a good accessory for walkways and courtyards.
  • The road grader has replaceable steel blades and hot-dip galvanized chassis, which makes this stable road grader for ATVs both effective and long-lasting.
  • The adjustable wheels are easily operated with a button on the handle of your ATV for a comfortable working position. By adjusting the height of the wheels individually, you can adapt the grading surface for the best results on your gravel road. Thanks to the individually adapted wheels, you can easily camber your road. Cambering is when the dirt road is shaped so that it is highest in the middle and slopes slightly to the sides. If you camber your road, the water runs off more easily and you get a nice road in the long term.
  • With an adjusted drawbar, you can also adjust the height of your towing vehicle to give more or less ground pressure.
  • The road grader has a middle section where you can load extra weights for higher ground pressure on rougher terrain.
  • With three blades, you work the ground several times and it gives a more even effect. Efficient driving that saves you time and gets a better result.
  • With this road grader you get a rolling effect on the gravel and with two toothed blades you can process roads that are hard.


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